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ABROAD is a firm of independent certified accountants and auditors, established in Luxembourg since 2002, registered with the independent certified accountants order in Luxembourg. (

We provide advice with a family office approach, so that we become your trusted, privileged advisor to help you develop your business or advise you on how to invest your personal or professional capital.

Accounting is the key to making the right decision.

Certified accounting is cross-disciplinary training, which covers more aspects and becomes more complex in an international context.

ABROAD has developed a network of international partners, certified accountants and lawyers, who share our philosophy and ethics, in order to answer any queries you may have.

Need something abroad, contact us!

Statutory auditors

hand files statutory auditorsThe statutory auditor works on audits to certify the company's accounts and ensure the reliability of the financial reporting.

The statutory auditor is a person in private practice whose role is to control the regularity of the companies' bookkeeping and the veracity of their findings to the documents that support them. It has a right to notify in case he finds irregularities in the management of senior staff.

Social law. How to become a member of the Luxemburg Social Security system

Employee membership to the Luxemburg Social Security system varies according to nationality.
Contrary to a widespread but inaccurate belief, working for a Luxemburg company does not automatically entitle you to be covered by Luxemburg’s Social Security.

Company's domiciliation

company's domiciliation business buildings and offices LuxembourgThe company's domiciliation consists of attributing to it a postal address and/or the address of its registered office. It is also an opportunity to greet customers in a more appropriate place than the company's premises.

Chartered Accounting

chartered accounting auditing and statutory auditing missions personOur firm is involved in chartered accounting, auditing and statutory auditing missions.

The added value of our business according to the changes in the economics sectors. The expectation of financial operators, the rapid evolution in the legal and regulatory environment, the acceleration in economic globalization and the need for strong ethics in business are all factors that place accounting and finance functions at the heart of economic affairs.


financial audit of the company's real assets with magnifierThe auditor intervenes externally in consulting missions contractually defined with the company manager in areas as diverse as the personnel function, the open offer of shares, the implementation of information systems or organization of internal control.

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Abroad fiduciaire is a member of the Order of Chartered Accountants of Luxembourg