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Chartered Accounting

chartered accounting auditing and statutory auditing missions personOur firm is involved in chartered accounting, auditing and statutory auditing missions.

The added value of our business according to the changes in the economics sectors. The expectation of financial operators, the rapid evolution in the legal and regulatory environment, the acceleration in economic globalization and the need for strong ethics in business are all factors that place accounting and finance functions at the heart of economic affairs.

With the coming into force of the new International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), accounting asserts itself as the true international language of business.

Multiple missions for chartered accountants

  • Preparation and drawing-up of annual accounts (balance sheet, income statement, and appendix documents), consolidated periodic statements of account and interim balance,
  • Production of accounting documents (books, ledger, balance sheet...) to regularly monitor the health of the company.
  • Contractual audit, various accounting tasks whose scope is determined on a contractual basis with the company manager and according to its needs.
  • Participation in the development process of the accounting and financial information, an essential step for third parties (employees, shareholders and bankers) to learn more, to make the right decisions and to maximize their investments.
  • Consultancy on the creation of a business, management consulting operations for growth operations, cost, risk and crisis control, optimization of information systems, legal consulting, social and payroll, internal control, accounting outsourcing and non-accounting missions...
  • Human Resources Management
  • Changes of ownership and succession
  • Fiscal management of a corporate or private nature

The chartered accountant operates in a free-market context and meets high ethical requirements as a member of a regulated profession.

The chartered accountant intervenes to provide support at all stages of corporate life and in all sectors of the economy. A true coach to the company manager, he advises and assists him in his  strategic choices and operational implementation.

Completely independent, comfortable in providing assistance in technical decision-making, a good knowledge of information systems, knowledge of different trades in the financial information chain, a pragmatic approach to the economy, a desire to establish contacts, communication and teamwork, a good time manager, highly available, with management qualities and those of a strategist, meticulous organization, and a panoramic knowledge of the company, with the fibre of a manager and entrepreneur.

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Abroad fiduciaire is a member of the Order of Chartered Accountants of Luxembourg