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Company's domiciliation

company's domiciliation business buildings and offices LuxembourgThe company's domiciliation consists of attributing to it a postal address and/or the address of its registered office. It is also an opportunity to greet customers in a more appropriate place than the company's premises.

The domiciliation services come with a wide range of services such as commercial and administrative monitoring, the provision of offices and meeting rooms, telephone reception...

With regard to young companies, or companies looking for flexibility, domiciliation allows the limiting of fixed costs and even turning them into variable costs.

As part of our activities for the creation of foreign companies, our firm provides a domiciliation service for all the jurisdictions available.

Domiciliation in Luxembourg

Note that domiciliation in Luxembourg is strictly regulated. It is governed by the Law of May 31, 1999.

At the same time, this Act reserves to a limited number of professionals (among which auditors, lawyers and financial services professionals) the right to practise domiciliation in Luxembourg, it requires a number of obligations on these professionals including in particular vigilance and the fight against money laundering schemes.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information about the domiciliation in Luxembourg.

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