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Statutory auditors

hand files statutory auditorsThe statutory auditor works on audits to certify the company's accounts and ensure the reliability of the financial reporting.

The statutory auditor is a person in private practice whose role is to control the regularity of the companies' bookkeeping and the veracity of their findings to the documents that support them. It has a right to notify in case he finds irregularities in the management of senior staff.

First the agents of the shareholders so they can give an opinion on the accounts, the statutory auditors have been gradually invested with a mission of general interest for the benefit of all persons (creditors, suppliers, lenders... ) who have to assess a company’s position and must be able to rely on its accounting and financial documents.

The statutory auditor's main task is the auditing of the annual accounts firm which include, in an inseparable manner: the balance sheet, income statement and notes. 

He certifies that the annual accounts are true and fair and give a trustworthy image of the results, the financial position and assets of the company.

The regularity is assessed under the rules and procedures in effect. The sincerity is the application in good faith of the rules and procedures, based on the knowledge that the account managers must normally have of the reality and importance of the operations, events and statements of finance.

The trustworthy image is a principle used if the rules are non-existent or insufficient to reflect the economic reality. The auditor must form an opinion - and formulate it - to the point of knowing if the financial statements properly reflect the economic position of the company: the accuracy of the accounts is not certified. In its general firm report, the auditor presents his findings to the general assembly.

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