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A bank is an essential partner in order to achieve personal and professional success.
ABROAD puts its extensive banking knowledge at our clients’ disposal to carry out various international banking formalities and opening personal and professional accounts abroad, in Luxembourg, Switzerland, Belgium, Andorra, France, etc.

ABROAD has established strong links with reputable international banks.
Registering your company often requires a professional bank account. Choosing the best banking partner means finding a bank that provides the right services, which suit your needs. ABROAD will introduce you to banks, which will be able to provide short, mid-term and long term investment solutions for your company.
Banking secrecy is often an important issue when you open a personal bank account. ABROAD will inform you on the recent changes to banking secrecy in Luxembourg, Europe and worldwide.
ABROAD will advise you on a Luxembourgish or foreign bank that can take care of the optimisation and long-term investment of your capital. This mandate may be in the framework of discretionary management or advisory management. Our family-office approach will ensure contract compliance, by trying to make the inherent banking fees as clear as possible.
Changing banking partners also requires planning and reliable, up-to-date information, in order to make the best choice. You can count on ABROAD’s 15 years of international experience!




Search for grants in Luxembourg and Canada

Search for grants in Luxembourg and Canada meeting shaking handsGrants in Luxembourg

The State of Luxembourg has set-up over the years an arsenal of grants and subsidies that affect all businesses, from the tradesmen to the multinational, in all sectors. They are of all types and correspond to the range of business needs. These measures of support or encouragement take on the form best suited to the needs of the beneficiary and his particular position, from capital grants to the granting of guarantees through tax rebates. A total of 65 measures are proposed in the following areas:

Private banking introduction

money growth private bankingABROAD forges relationships with international banks specialised in private banking, i.e. in private management.

International places such as Luxembourg and Switzerland have made this their vocation.

A private-banking approach can be considered with a minimum capital of approximately €250,000. This minimum varies considerably from one bank to another, depending on their core market and the jurisdiction in which they are located.

Opening of private account

opening of private accountABROAD forges relationships with a number of international banks helping you on the opening of private account.

We open your confidential personal account, with credit card, internet access and support in French.

Introduction to a Management Company

management company of Luxembourg and board councilMany management companies are located in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. They offer a practical alternative to banks’ “classical” securities management.

This is because their total independence from financial institutions often enables them to make more objective arbitrages. The profitability objectives of bank-managed portfolios do not always match perfectly the performance customers expect.

Funding Research

research money funding for your plans in business creation and developmentAn undertaking which starts a commercial activity must have the financial means necessary for its proper functioning. ABROAD offers research solutions, in Luxembourg and Canada, to obtain funding for your business creation and development plans. A team of experienced professionals will assist you in the presentation of the plan, development of a business plan and introduction to our banking partners.

bank account


Abroad fiduciaire is a member of the Order of Chartered Accountants of Luxembourg