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Funding Research

research money funding for your plans in business creation and developmentAn undertaking which starts a commercial activity must have the financial means necessary for its proper functioning. ABROAD offers research solutions, in Luxembourg and Canada, to obtain funding for your business creation and development plans. A team of experienced professionals will assist you in the presentation of the plan, development of a business plan and introduction to our banking partners.

It is necessary to distinguish between the contributions provided by shareholders / partners, equity, and financial resources made available by third parties, such as:
- borrowing from banks: traditional method
- reduced rate loans issued by the national credit and investment company (société nationale de crédit et d’investissement (SNCI)): a public law establishment which allocates start-up loans, equipment loans, innovation loans or equity loans.
- State aid: this public aid exists in different forms. In some cases, the State may in particular grant the new company tax breaks and capital or interest subsidies.
- "business angels": concern so-called niche or innovative activities. These are people who are in a comfortable financial position and have substantial experience in a certain field of activity. They enable the entrepreneur to benefit from their know-how, while injecting financial resources into the business.
- Venture capital firms: companies which focus on innovative projects which expect high levels of profitability.

The European Union offers companies several types of financing. Depending on the nature of the financial instrument requested, eligibility criteria and access methods vary.
After analysing your needs, Abroad directs you to the appropriate programmes and supports you in the implementation of your project.

Abroad can help you bridge the gap between the two continents, Europe and North America.

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