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Search for grants in Luxembourg and Canada

Search for grants in Luxembourg and Canada meeting shaking handsGrants in Luxembourg

The State of Luxembourg has set-up over the years an arsenal of grants and subsidies that affect all businesses, from the tradesmen to the multinational, in all sectors. They are of all types and correspond to the range of business needs. These measures of support or encouragement take on the form best suited to the needs of the beneficiary and his particular position, from capital grants to the granting of guarantees through tax rebates. A total of 65 measures are proposed in the following areas:

A wide range of investments may be subject to State aid in the form of loans or grants, as they promote the economic development of certain regions, sectors (tourism ...), or even contribute to improving competitiveness in some of these businesses, particularly SMEs.

To maintain employment, the government is strengthening business support through, among other things, partial unemployment, and continues to encourage the hiring of young people, people with disabilities, or even the older and long-term unemployed.

The government encourages companies through subsidies to minimize their impact on the environment by investing in equipment with low consumption and green infrastructure for efficient  energy use.

Innovation, research and development
Several incentive schemes have been implemented by various ministries to promote basic research, applied research and pre-competitive development activity. In addition, the relevant law provides for measures to support innovative companies.

The Luxembourg Government provides financial assistance to companies allowing the ongoing training  of their employees, by among other things, learning the Luxembourg language.

Cyclical measures
The new laws in this field include temporary measures for firms in difficulty since the beginning of the crisis. These measures take the form of financial aid and guarantees.

Creation, recovery and corporate restructuring
The State makes it easier for young entrepreneurs to access the financial resources necessary to achieve their professional projects through loans or grants.

Grants in Canada

The Government of Canada has developed a certain number of aid measures and subsidies described in the link:

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