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Incorporation of Companies in Luxembourg, Canada and other countries

bridge incorporation of companiesABROAD has been present for many years in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and Canada, two countries where it has acquired extensive experience in the implementation process of local companies.

As such, we provide effective assistance to any company or individual wishing to set-up a company in Luxembourg or Canada.

Concerning the setting-up of a company, our assistance pertains of course to all legal proceedings, but also taking into account all the information and steps that can affect the location of the business.

Thus, ABROAD is able to identify the local funding sources for this kind of customer to facilitate the launch of their business, obtain any possible subsidies, but also incorporate other variables such as sales, marketing, social, cultural etc...

Concerning the immigration of an individual, formalities in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Switzerland, Canada and Mauritius became much easier with the help of ABROAD. Our support is not limited only to administrative formalities, but can be extended to the entire installation process itself that may include searching for a home, a school, linking with a banking partner, etc... in short, all measures that will facilitate your move.

ABROAD has selected a number of jurisdictions according to its own criteria. This selection takes into consideration the country’s political stability, its image (particularly as qualified by such international bodies as the OECD and the Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering, or FATF). These organisations monitor compliance with the rules applicable to the fight against the laundering of criminal money.
Actually, ABROAD does not wish to incorporate companies in countries likely to suffer economic sanctions.

The sustainability of any financial package would become more fragile, and contacts with international banks would be compromised. You will make your choice from our selection according to your needs, and you may consider, among other points, the location of your operations and your own knowledge. We remain at your disposal to help you make this choice. Depending on the jurisdiction, the entities may be trading, real-estate, holding or mixe companies.

For an appropriated information adapted to your particular need, do not hesitate to contact ABROAD's services.


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Abroad fiduciaire is a member of the Order of Chartered Accountants of Luxembourg