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Incorporation of a Cypriot Company

Incorporation of a Cypriot company and flagCyprus joined the EU in 2004.
Cypriot companies are organised following a legal framework based on British Common Law.
They present a number of attractive features in our tax-planning solutions, whether related to business or holding activities.
The quality of our local partners – accountants, auditors, bankers – is an essential criterion when choosing incorporation of Cypriot companies.

Business Activities
A tax on profits up of approximately 15% makes it one of the most attractive jurisdictions in Europe.

Holding activities
The benefit of the Parent-Subsidiary regime allows optimising dividend management, i.e. no taxes on dividends received by the Cypriot holding company, and no tax withholdings on dividends paid by the Cypriot company to its shareholders.
The exemption of capital gains obtained from the sale of foreign stakes is another asset.
Shareholders/(Private individuals or estate entities)
Administrative substance in Cyprus
Cyprus LTD/No minimum capital
Intracom VAT
Business activities/10% taxation
Holding activities/( Parent-Subsidiary regime)

Type of Company: Private Limited Liability Company
Statutory source: International Trust Law of Cyprus
Authorized suffixes: Ltd, Limited
Duration of Cyprus incorporation: 15 working days

Corporate Income Tax10,00%
Capital gains on shares of subsidiaries: No, on non-Cypriot company shares
Withholding tax on dividends / interest fees paid by the company: No
Taxation of dividends received by the company
Tax Treaty (no double taxation)
Disclosure of Beneficial Owners
Taxation on dividends received by the company: No, if dividends come from abroad
Tax Treaty (no double taxation): There are 33 tax treaties

Number of directors: At least 1 of any nationality
Company as a director: Yes
Local resident Director: No
Required secretary: No, but recommended
Society as required secretary: Yes
Local resident secretary: No, but a local secretary is recommended
Minimum number of shareholder: 1
Standard capital stock  : No minimum required, in CYPounds
Bearer share: No
Type of shares: Registered shares

Registered Office: A local base is required by law
Local agent/secretary: A local agent is required by law
Public information: Registered Office, director, secretary and shareholder
Disclosure of beneficial owners: Yes, required by the Central Bank

Accounting required by law: Yes, accounting must be submitted to authorities and to Cyprus Central Bank

Information on statutory changes: Yes

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information on incorporation of Cypriot companies.


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