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Specialised Investment Fund (FIS)

Specialised Investment Fund FIS and modern offices LuxembourgThe Specialised Investment Fund (FIS) is a regulated, flexible and tax-optimised investment funds, with multiple uses, intended for institutional and professional investors and for certain qualified investors. It is governed by the Law of 13 February 2007 on specialised investment funds.

Compared to the institutional funds created under the terms of Part II of the Law of 20 December 2002 on mutual funds, the FIS has greater flexibility in its investment policy, a wider field of eligible investors, and lighter regulatory supervision.

Finally, it should be noted that the incorporation of a FIS need not need be approved by the supervisory authority (CSSF). Thus, the FIS is a very interesting financing and investment tool, both fiscally and technically, whether for its promoters (to fund a specialised project while diversifying its “risk” aspect), or to greet serious investors seeking to participate in the project’s expected returns.

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