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Our core business: international tax planning

The main concern of any investor or trader is to look for:
- Revenue and wealth sustainability
- The transfer, alienation, development, and preservation of one’s revenues and assets remain the underlying objective of any action.
- Improving the profitability/risk ratio of his financial transactions

The tax variable lies at the centre of this analysis.
Taxes on the proceeds of labour, on wealth or on consumption may be reduced by deciding to change the tax jurisdiction to a more favourable one.

Private individuals, you can reduce your income tax, wealth tax, social security, inheritance tax, capital gains tax etc. by choosing a more advantageous residence. Abroad, with its family office approach, helps you change your personal tax residence, but can also assist you in other procedures, such as moving house, looking for new accommodation, enrolling your children at schools, opening bank accounts, insurances etc.

Legal entities or companies, you can reduce your corporate tax or VAT by either choosing a more advantageous territoriality or by maintaining your business headquarters and partially relocating the profits abroad. For example, internet commerce taxation has encouraged companies to relocate to Luxembourg. Corporate tax management helps companies achieve the performances that their shareholders and entrepreneurs expect.

Our solutions help you achieve these crucial goals in an international context by using tax agreements and rulings to your advantage.
Please contact us for information about the radical changes to international taxation in the framework of the OECD, FATF and G20 etc.


Tax optimization

tax optimization sunflowerTaxation stands out as a major concern for both national and international companies. Tax is the main source of funding of a State and the essential instrument of economic and social policy. Tax enables to cover public expenditure and ensure a degree of redistribution of wealth to maintain social peace.

Tax law. International fiscal agreements

A fiscal agreement (also known as a double taxation agreement) is a treaty signed between two member states which has two purposes:

• Avoiding double taxation of individuals and companies

• Avoiding fiscal fraud

Change of tax residence

train change of individuals residence to Luxembourg and CanadaABROAD takes care of all the steps in the context of a change of residence of individuals, to Luxembourg and Canada, including:
Taking into account tax implications for the country of departure and for the host country
Immigration file
Support in finding housing, schools, universities...

Asset Management

Asset management involves examining all the legal on a tabletThe notion of asset management may be defined as the culmination of research meant to define and optimise the financial organisation of personal assets and thereby derive the greatest value-added and revenues after taxation.

tax system


Abroad fiduciaire is a member of the Order of Chartered Accountants of Luxembourg