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Asset Management

Asset management involves examining all the legal on a tabletThe notion of asset management may be defined as the culmination of research meant to define and optimise the financial organisation of personal assets and thereby derive the greatest value-added and revenues after taxation.

Asset management is certainly the ABROAD Group’s field of greatest expertise. This skill hinges on of international solutions. Our group, which has been present in Luxembourg since 2002, has always sought to provide our customers with made-to-measure” asset management solutions, whether these assets be corporate or private ones.

Quality of the asset management

Asset management involves examining all the legal, tax or succession aspects of a client’s private or business property to reach a global solution.

The quality of the asset management depends, to a large extent, on the value of the information made available to us.

The notion of trust between ABROAD and its customers is the cornerstone of this relationship; what is more, it must be constant, to monitor any changes in circumstances.

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Abroad fiduciaire is a member of the Order of Chartered Accountants of Luxembourg