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Tax optimization

tax optimization sunflowerTaxation stands out as a major concern for both national and international companies. Tax is the main source of funding of a State and the essential instrument of economic and social policy. Tax enables to cover public expenditure and ensure a degree of redistribution of wealth to maintain social peace.

Taxation also plays a vital role because of its involvement in most major management decisions and its impact on competitiveness. Companies no longer merely fulfil their tax obligations for safety reasons.
They have switched from a passive to proactive management of the tax burden, seeking to optimise rather than be subjected to their taxation.

Taxation has thus become a management technique associated with legal, financial and commercial management.
Managers now speak of tax management, tax strategies, tax planning, or more generally tax optimisation.
Optimised management allows to choose the most relevant fiscal choices and enjoy the tax benefits offered by the regulations in force, without crossing the permitted limits such as the abuse of rights and fraud.

Our accounting firm in Luxembourg is specialised in this area and is at your disposal to study your need.


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